Looking for general reference material on Linux and other FOSS operating systems?

Ready to download Linux for a “test drive”?

  • Ubuntu – Our favorite Linux distribution

Looking for educational software that you can use in a Linux, Windows, and/or Macintosh environment?

  • Open Office.org – A full suite of Office tools
  • LibreOffice – A fork of OpenOffice run by The Document Foundation
  • Tux Paint – Simple drawing program for kids
  • Tux Typing – Typing tutorial for kids
  • Tux Math
  • GCompris – Educational games for ages 2-10
  • Pingus – Challenging “Save the Penguins” game (like Lemmings)
  • GeoGebra – Mathematics Software for Learning and Teaching
  • Scratch – Code your way to your future. Start early
  • ScratchEd – Get involved with a great group of excited educators using Scratch.

Links to software mentioned in the individual blog entries (generally the official Web site from which you can start a download)

You will also want to get this quick printable guide for installing software on Ubuntu. It is freely usable and was written by Peter Upfold at the FOSSWire blog. It is especially helpful if you are a recent convert from Windows.

  • Open Office – word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.
  • Firefox – Web browser
  • GIMP – photo/image manipulation
  • Thunderbird – email client
  • SchoolTool – (Administration – Student Information Management)
  • WPClipart – safe clipart for K12 (though not ‘software’ in the sense of a program)
  • Open Clip Art – this is a great source of public domain clip art which is designed to be modified
  • Big Buck Bunny – a great animated cartoon created with Blender
  • Evergreen – library automation system from the Georgia Public Library System
  • BitNami – open source “stacks” that make it easy to install and test interesting software (for IT staff)
  • Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a great little tool to quickly make GIF animations with your students. It is Windows but runs under Wine on Linux.

The following links will take you to other sites that support open source and K-12 Education.

  • MassCUE – The Massachusetts State Educational Technology Organization (MOSS SIG is a special interest group of MassCUE)
  • METAA – Massachusetts Technology Directors Association
  • CoSN Open Technologies – part of CoSN, a national K12 leadership organization
  • K-12/OpenSource Group – A community wiki started after the 2006 NECC conference
  • OpenOffice Education Project – a community project to enhance OOo for Education
  • Kids Open Dictionary – A free dictionary for kids – great source for glossaries when it is done

General Open Source Links:

Books and Such:


Recommended Application List

Another list from the UK

Network Security Applications List

Linux News

Links about Free Software (not necessarily Open Source)

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