MOSSSIG is hoping to gather and post a variety of project descriptions and templates and to make them available to schools and teachers.

Please contribute your materials. If you can, release them using the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You retain copyright, as always. A liberal license like CC-BY-SA allows other educators to help students around the world.

Let’s start the ball rolling with a project for the OpenOffice or LibreOffice Draw application: Drawing Tool Practice Template contains the practice activities for the project.

ButterBox – After demonstrating ability with individual Draw objects, students complete a project designing a box to hold their “product”.

Sample Project (included in download)

Sample Project (included in download)

The actual project file is located on a remote server (one controlled by the author of this post.)

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  1. Ian Lynch Says:


    International Grades Open Technologies (INGOTs) is a project to provide open learning resources funded by qualifications that accredit learning about open systems. The qualifications are accredited by the UK government and endorsed by the UK sector skills council for IT and telecommunications, the industry lead body. There is a Moodle site with creative commons SA courses supporting progressive learning about open systems and a Drupal site where learners can freely create accounts and their e-portfolios and blogs are used in the assessment process. The learners are taught how to take part in community projects making their work available under as CC-SAA license.

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