One of my former co-workers made it a practice to provide educationally sound games as challenges for his students when they had completed his database, spreadsheet, etc. assignments.

What games would you recommend be included for student use from the FOSS arena?

I think I will start things off by recommending Pingus which is a reconstruction of the venerable and challenging “Lemmings”. If you have never used either, Pingus requires the player to save cute penguins (no longer lemmings, but this is FOSS software) who would otherwise simply walk off cliffs to fall to their death. You need to learn how to cut hole in rock, block penguins from the precipice, build ramps, etc. Each challenge gets progressively more complicated, requiring combinations of the initial skills you have learned with the first levels.

After you have explored the game, you can build your own levels using the built-in level editor. (I have not tried that yet. I am still trying to learn my basic skills!)

Downloads are available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Don’t let your summer slip away. Enjoy it. Get some sun (not too much) and enjoy making plans for your Fall FOSS fun.