The Internet is hardware in the form of wires, radios, routers, switches, etc.
The Internet is also software, mainly in the form of formats and codecs.

HTML is the main format behind the popular image people have of the Internet, the World Wide Web.

HTML version 5 is the upcoming “standard”, and it includes native support for video. A modern browser is all it takes to see video. Video has become one of the main uses of the Internet. Mostly, it is under the control of Flash, not a “free” tool, even though you can download a no-cost player.

Read this post from Christopher Blizzard of Mozilla, then keep an OPEN mind and talk about the issue amongst yourselves. When you make a decision about the value of open formats and open codecs, tell others what you think.
I think I’m going to keep recommending that people ask for the Internet to be kept open.