This blog represents a special interest group of MassCUE, and the organization likes to keep Special Interest Groups involved in a face-to-face way.

Therefore, with the offer from Jon Green in hand, MOSS SIG is organizing a meeting to be held at Jon’s district in Maynard, MA.

Please use a comment here to give a preference for which of three days. Or, even better, jump over to the SIGs forum on Google Groups and give your comment there. The Google Group actually enhances the interactivity of the SIG. There are more details about the voting process below. READ ON>

Jon and I hope we can come to a comfortable consensus with you on the
list to schedule a SIG meeting soon. The goal of the meeting is to get
familiar with each other. Giving a “face” to the members of the group
and to establish a roadmap of the goals the group should seek to
accomplish. If you have suggestions for things to consider, include them
in your reply even if you cannot attend the meeting.

We can even figure out remote access options for those who can spare the
time, but cannot make the trip.

Working from Jon’s schedule (hosting gets perks) we’d like you to react
to the following three dates for a meeting at 9:00AM.

Friday December 11
Monday December 14
Friday December 18

Please list them in order of preference in a reply post. If you cannot
make any of the days, list only the ones you can.

For example: 14, 11, 18 Which would say “I can make any of the dates,
but for me, the order of preference is the 14th followed by the 11th and
18th.” Another person might reply, 11, 18 showing only two dates saying,
“I can make either of the two Fridays, but not Monday the 11th.”

Directions are available on the Maynard schools Web page: and, you can create maps
and directions through sites like Google Maps and Mapquest.

Please pass the invitation along to your tech coordinator and others in
your district that might be interested whether or not you can attend.
MassCUE SIG meetings are open to all who have an interest. Membership in
MassCUE is not a requirement to attend.

Jon and I look forward to hearing from all of you.