While going through my very own web site, runeman.org I noticed that the Google Groups Logo was no longer showing. The old graphic had linked to the mailing list associated with this MOSSSIG WordPress site. That was unacceptable, of course. A new logo was necessary. Here it is.

Logo of the mailing list

What do you think? The logo was done using the fantastic open source Inkscape software. Have you used it?

Hey, you know about the mailing list/forum, don’t you?
You want to discuss using open source software with other educators, don’t you?
You crave the chance to be a part of the in crowd, right?


Oh, and the annual MassCUE conference was Wednesday and Thursday this week. I got the chance to see several friends while working at the MassCUE information table. Dave Laroche made the effort to visit for a while, taking time out from seeing all the great presentations over the two days event.

Logo of the MassCUE conference

If you got the chance to go to the conference, let the rest of us know what you saw and what your reactions are. Comments to any post here are always welcome.