Okay, guys.

Here’s your challenge for some time before September and the next school year. It is almost June and another class of seniors has shut off their push to finals and are coasting to graduation.

Decide whether this is a game changer or not.

Will a $25 computer change the learning process?

Will a $25 computer change the learning process?


Do you care about the issue of programming, or are you strongly in the camp of “computer as a tool”?

What is your position on the importance of unplanned, extracurricular learning?

I can’t help thinking of the “computer as a tool” is the tool of the status quo and the one to many power structure of the normal classroom. Such classrooms deliver content. IT departments decide what software is “safe” and what software they will support.

Can we break out of this mold?

Are we doomed to strip computers of their real power, the power to transform learning, providing individual options to each eager mind?

Isn’t the whole Project Based Learning concept built around breaking the lock-step deliver-and-return process of lecture followed by quiz?

Add one of these $25 computers to a lanyard around a student’s neck and give them a smartphone without a monthly thirty dollar gouge from AT&T or Verizon. What more will a student need to keep connected and creative?