Okay, I may be rushing to the “bleeding edge” where I don’t usually go, but I did it.

I upgraded from OpenOffice to LibreOffice 3.3 which just came out today. I’m not usually so impetuous, but I have been following the discussion on the Web about the concerns people “in the know” have said about this year’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle. That meant OpenOffice was theirs, too. I’ve grown uncomfortable with the negative potentials for OpenOffice with so many of its lead developers becoming disconnected from it.

It opened my main spreadsheet which I use daily. I’ll need to test more, of course.

My most recent OpenOffice (3.2) version came from the Kubuntu repositories and was labeled as an Oracle product (It had been a Sun labeled product before.)

I followed these directions:


Windows installers are also available for those who need them:


I’m a fan of Free Software. I’ll keep you updated on how things go.