I’m a collector of Internet links. My bookmarks file is big. The first time I access it each day, there is a noticeable delay. Today, I thought it might interest some of you to learn about some of the things that I look at. In many cases, I wish I’d written the articles because I agree with the content, while sometimes I don’t like what I’ve read. I’ll try to keep the links I mention at least marginally related to the open source world.

Here we go:

Copyright laws are weird.

Archiving old music may be illegal! Primary sources in sound are illegal to use.


Academic research requires access to journals which usually are available only at libraries of research-oriented institutions. Does that even make sense in the Internet-connected world?


Every day, NASA gives us a photo and a clear, short article with many links to background about the topic of the photo. This is a wonderful resource for students and teachers.


I love words. I look them up in dictionaries. I want to use them correctly and I’ve found knowing about the word history helps make that happen. “Etymology” is the word which describes word histories. I regularly use the Online Etymology Dictionary to get a quick sense of a word’s history.