Greg Kulowiec, [] a technology promoting history/social studies teacher is planning to try using QR Codes in his classes. This effort is the latest in his efforts to make the most of modern technologies to enhance the learning experiences for his students.

QR Codes are a two-dimensional “bar code” that many cell phones (with built-in cameras) will automatically decode. 2-D coding systems like QR Codes were originally built for industrial applications because they have a much greater capacity for information than the standard UPC codes we are used to seeing on boxes in grocery stores.

QR Code

This QR Code says:

MOSSSIG – Open Source Software in Schools

(There is actually only one line of text and no line breaks in the code. The line breaks are shown here for ease of reading.)

You can try out QR Coding yourself. I made the above graphic at:

You can decode the graphic yourself on line, too. First download the QR Code graphic from this page or another you find after some Web searching, and then submit it for decoding.

Are you experimenting with QR Codes?
Do you think they might be useful?
How about labeling for your technology assets?