When you put down money at the counter of your software retailer or open the package from the vendor who ships software to your district, who owns that software? If you read the license terms, it would appear that the owner is NOT you or even your school district. The terms of the license generally have language which offers you a non-exclusive USE of the software, but not ownership.

A court battle is under way, pitting a man named Timothy Vernor  who sold (by way of eBay) older versions of Autodesk products which he legitimately aquired.

Well, a federal district court in Washington state has ruled that when you buy shrink wrapped software you own it, at least in your ability to then sell it used.

Free software goes the court decision one better, of course. The GPL and similar licenses only limit the ability to lock up the software in any proprietary way. Once free, always free. I think I like that better all the way.