Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in education, it is a household name, even if you only say the initials MIT. Everybody knows what university you mean.

If your undergrad or advanced degree were from MIT, you and your parents would be proud.

In the past few years, MIT has innovated once again by opening its courses to use on line. If you have the interest, you can “take” an MIT course without paying tuition. You won’t get a grade on a transcript, but you will get knowledge from a world class professor.

Now, a person has decided to document her effort to get education without the tuition. Lisa Chamberlin has an M.Ed, and now she wants to get a PhD but is going to see if it can be done in an unusual way, on line, outside the university walls, without the tuition.

She has just started. I intend to follow her blog as she progresses. I hope you will, too.

Additional Open Courseware links that might be interesting, if sometimes controversial: