“Roll one for me, would you?”

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) are currently more expensive than traditional LEDs, but that may soon change.


Lighter, more flexible screen designs can be accomplished with plastic backing up the OLED layer. LEDs are made on a glass substrate which cannot roll or bend or flex.

I am looking for my ideal computer/reader/phone/whatever to come soon.

It is the size of a folding binder which in today’s format, holds a pad of lined paper. You have probably seen them being carried around at conferences. They are a little flexible, not too much, but enough that they don’t poke into your side or leg when somebody bumps into you in the line waiting for the keynote speaker. You just flip them open and begin to take notes (with a pen right now). You can even fold the cover completely over behind the pad of paper to rest it more comfortably on your knee as you scribble stuff down.

If you had a pair of OLED screens with the same flexibility (sounds like it could be soon) and a keyboard that is virtual on one of the two screens (or perhaps a touch sensitive writing recognition screen as an option) you’d have a great, portable note taking tool. Add the capability to display text/images on both screens and you would have a great ebook reader. Let the displays nearly meet in the middle or perhaps slide together at the flexible fold line of the folder, and you could have a single combined screen that would be 11×17 inches for watching video, browsing the web, things yet unthought of.

Add some sort of wireless capability so you could easily transfer files from a teacher’s classroom computer and completed assignments back…

You could even let a pad of paper still fit into the folder. It would help keep the screens apart and reduce abrasion; oh, and you could doodle on it, too.

Can you chant with me? O-LED, O-LED, O-LED!

Here’s mine:

Whose logo will be on it? Will it run Linux? Will it be open?

Whose logo will be on it? Will it run Linux? Will it be open?

It currently does NOT have the OLEDs, of course, but how soon will it?