Know the facts.

This blog is about open source software in schools, and schools are charged with helping students to gain the skills with which they can access and use knowledge that has been created up to the time of their education. By encouraging creativity, schools can also prepare students to contribute, adding new knowledge on their own.

Copyright is one tool used to “encourage” the development and expression of new and valuable knowledge. If you are interested in open source/open knowledge, you need to know about copyright.

I would recommend you read The Illustrated Story of Copyright by Edward Samuels, a faculty member of New York Law School.

The book is accessible on the Internet.

UPDATE 6-09-09:

If you are even more interested in learning about copyright, you will benefit from looking into the blog of William Patry, a copyright lawyer for 26 years.

He has apparently written a 6000 page book about copyright, too, which he mentions in a blog post.