GiftedMotion is a Java tool that takes a series of images (GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG) and combines them into an animation, like the ones commonly encountered on the Internet.

GIF is usually pronounced with a soft G like “Jif.” GIF is one of the standard image types on the Internet and was designed for solid color images, not photographs. GIF format has been popular, in part, because it was possible to make simple, lean resource animations.

GiftedMotion is NOT designed to make the individual graphics or provide intermediate images called “tweening”, so it isn’t a good tool for students to use interactively, developing animations in a classroom.

However, it does a very good job of combining graphics you already have, and aids in the easy development of the transition timing from one still image to another as you make the animation.

The interface is sparse, a few buttons on the bottom of the application window, and only one “File” menu for opening a set of images and saving the completed animations.  You use the shift or ctrl key to select multiple images. The interface lets you rearrange the individual still images, and the buttons give you the options for transition timings, etc.

GiftedMotion is useful on any computer where a current Java environment is installed, so it will run well on Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

Lame example:

"Clock" made from 8 separate PNG images

"Clock" made from 8 separate PNG images