Len Huart sent an email following up the MassCUE conference and asked about compilations of open source software (CD/DVD).

I am going to paraphrase my reply to his email here because it might fit a more general need.

If Linux, the package installer is the best source of all the available programs suitable for your distribution (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.)

You should also look at the “top OSS” list:

If it is Windows, then you should look at the CD compilation called OpenDisc and its education specific version OpenEducationDisc.

Beyond the compilation for Windows, there are lists to help guide you to individual programs of value.

You should also look at the “Free Software List” from PC Magazine:

Also, do check the MOSSSIG links page:

Macintosh? Have not been a Mac user for too many years to claim much knowledge.
Try these links:

If you are aware of CD open source software compilations for Macintosh, leave a comment.
If you are a user of oss on Mac, leave a comment. Enrich the discussion.