What a wonderful, energetic, enthusiastic crowd attended the MassCUE conference this year. At times it was really hectic at the CUE Central booth where MOSSSIG shared the booth with the Door Prize Drawings. Thanks to the many volunteers who took part in planning, organizing and executing the conference this year. Many people had glowing comments to make about it.

Bumper Sticker for Open Source Software

Bumper Sticker for Open Source Software

MOSSSIG gave away bumper stickers, Ubuntu 8.10 CDs, and attracted a crowd. 25 people took the time to leave their names and email contact information. I have sent out a confirmation email to each of them, and look forward to keeping in touch, especially to answer individual questions you left on the sign-up sheet. NOTE! If your email didn’t get to you, leave a comment here, or send me an email algot.runeman@verizon.net to correct my transcription of your information.

If you didn’t get a bumper sticker, I have extras. Send me an email.

Remember, if you leave a comment, it makes the blog much richer for others who visit. If you share what you know, you are taking an active role in the open source movement, and if you leave a question to be answered, it will make the blog a better place, too. Always remember the teaching adage, “If you don’t ask a question, you won’t get an answer.”

I look forward to keeping in touch with you in the coming days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries (we all expect to live forever, don’t we?)

Special thanks to Martin Owens of the Massachusetts Ubuntu Team for providing the Ubuntu CDs and other support materials.