I find that I am something of a magazine junkie. Well, actually, I am a book junkie, too. I enjoy reading what other people think I should know.

You might, therefore, not be surprised to know I am happy to report finding a new magazine for my reading pleasure. It gets even better, too. Full Circle Magazine is a user-written PDF format magazine you can download from the magazine’s Web site: http://fullcirclemagazine.org

The articles are published with a Creative Commons license, too, so you can use them as you need, as long as you provide the approprate attribution back to the author and magazine…no fees or other restrictions.

There have been 18 issues so far. I just finished going through the most recent issue (18). There’s some information there that will require a more careful reading for the detail (unless I decide to skip the article on programming in C). I was particularly interested in their exploration of five mind mapping applications since mind mapping is a great educator’s tool.

The content is linked to Ubuntu (version agnostic), but will mostly be applicable to any Linux distribution.

In addition, you have another opportunity to share. Full Circle Magazine is created from contributions from the Ubuntu user community. You are a writer, aren’t you? You use Ubuntu, don’t you? At least you have tried it, haven’t you?