No I have not tried one; I admit I have only seen pictures and a demo video, but there is a new e-reader coming soon from a company called Plastic Logic (link includes a demo video). The company has a high volume factory which is starting to produce units this fall. The e-reader doesn’t officially have a name. But by early 2009 this may be the reader against which to compare the others. The device is targeted for business, but this might be great for the business of education, too.

  • It appears to be open format that allows for many document types, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint (OpenOffice native?).
  • Can store a briefcase full of documents.
  • It is light and thin (about like a pad of writing paper).
  • Device is 8 1/2 by 11 inches and the readable screen seems to be about 2 inches smaller each way.
  • Advance and go back a page with a finger sweep across the page.
  • It will have a virtual keyboard.
  • It is durable, made of plastic-supported transistors (unlike glass-based laptop screens)
  • Battery life is stated to be days not hours.
  • Works in bright light (brighter the better).

Technology Review article:

Desirable features not mentioned in reviews, etc.:

  • Color
  • WiFi connectivity for HTML/Web documents
  • WiFi connectivity for document transfer from network storage

Stay tuned!