Have you wished that you could collect and print a glossary for the next student project?

Have you been stymied because it would be illegal to copy your glossary from copyrighted materials, or did you stop just because it was too much work?

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a real public domain dictionary with definitions intended for children?

The K-12 Open Education project needs your input. They have started a mass collaboration dictionary that needs definitions suited for students. They searched hard, and there just isn’t one available, yet.

Here’s another opportunity for you to add your bit. “Many hands make easy work.” Write one or many definitions for the dictionary. You can do it anonymously or can sign in to identify your contributions.

Doesn’t this task fit the basic reason you became a teacher, to provide information in a form students can use? Go beyond the walls of your classroom.

Don’t forget to check out the glossary tool (follow the “experimental” link at the left of the main page).