Every teacher I know likes clip art, and so do students. Teachers are also concerned that they avoid copyright abuse. Students need to be helped to understand copyright.

Here is a resource that connects you to copyright free images for you and your students. Use it as a way to help students learn their responsibilities, too.


The following paragraphs are from the site:

WPClipart is a collection of high-quality public domain images specifically tailored for use in word processors and optimized for printing on home/small office inkjet printers. There are thousands of color graphic clips as well as illustrations, photographs and black and white line art. All are in lossless, PNG format. As of Wednesday, 05/12/2008 there are 21,005 images.

This is a clean and safe site for children and others to find good-quality, printable images.

Except for a few “fair use” items — namely company logos (like the company name on a credit card) or recognizable products (like a particular model cell phone) — all the rest of the images are Public Domain. If you want to use one for a project or a web page, there is no need to ask nor any requirement to attibute or link back to this site. (Appreciated, but not necessary.)

You can browse through the collection right on the site, taking individual graphics by the common method of a right click and save, but for most practical use, you will probably want to download the package of graphics. That way you can place the graphics in a convenient place for use in your word processor, etc.

Public Domain status eliminates the copyright issue. This site’s author has taken the time to collect and verify the status, and you don’t need to. Follow the site’s link Legal and Sources to understand the collection and to see a very good list of graphic sources (which won’t all be processed into effective clipart).

The graphics and a viewer program are convenient to download and to install on either Windows (by way of an installer, and the viewer is Windows-ready) or Linux. For Linux, the viewer is a Python script, so you may need to install Python.

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[Martin Owens kindly pointed everyone to another open clip art site, but I think he meant to refer to http://openclipart.org instead of COM. The dot com site is a search site.]