No, I don’t mean a sitcom on television, and it isn’t a video on YouTube.

Keep an eye on the development of SchoolTool. It is open source administrative software (Think Rediker, Chancery, iPass, etc.)

This “watchable” is currently alpha software with a plan to release version 1.0 in April of 2009. Alpha means you only want to play with it if you are a developer or want to help in getting ideas built into the system. You should not expect to install and run this software in production setting…your school district with state mandated reporting! Nonetheless, you might want to check in to find out what the plans are and keep track of their progress. The developers are being supported through the Suttleworth Foundation. Mark Shuttleworth is the man behind the development of the Ubuntu (and Edubuntu) Linux distribution.

Right now, the software is supported only on Ubuntu and has:

  • Student Demographics
  • A gradebook/attendance package (apparently of an “Eastern European” style – US style to come)
  • Calendaring – shared, web based, resource scheduling (the gym for basketball, boy scouts, etc.)

For more information, check the Web site:

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