MOSSSIG is relatively new. Some of you have been reading these Blog pages for a while, but wanted more.

FOSS Fest, the first face-to-face meeting on the 29th of April got us a more traditional launch.

Michael Selva’s computer lab was full, but not uncomfortably crowded and people got the chance to try out some open source education software as well as to meet each other. We enjoyed a presentation by Warren Luebkeman from Resara, the company that provides Michael’s lab with support for running Linux (Ubuntu) as thin clients. The operating system and applications run on the lab’s server. Warren, as guest speaker, told us about GNU/Linux and Open Source in general. Thanks, Warren, Michael, and all the rest who came, shared and launched our SIG with style.

We even got a look at the sub-notebook Asus Eee. It comes with Linux as the installed operating system. It is built around solid state storage (think internal flash thumb drive – no spinning hard drive). It is oddly interesting to see the statement “Asus recommends Windows for easy computing anywhere” at the top of the Eee product page. Windows XP Home is a viable option, though the computer cannot handle Vista. Linux runs fine, of course.

Speaking some more about getting in on the ground floor, it looks like there is a group forming inside the larger structure. It is going to focus on making Open Office particularly useful in education. Jump on over to their Education Project Web site:

Until next time…