I like lists. Some would say my favorite list is the grocery list.

There are a bunch of good applications available. I even enjoy looking through the full list on the package manager (Synaptic, with my current install). In the long run, it isn’t as helpful as I might like. I prefer to get recommendations from other users…isn’t that a reason to check here at the MOSSSIG Blog?

Here are a couple of software application lists that may help you choose your next FOSS application.

The first list is a general application list. It doesn’t target education, but then, OpenOffice isn’t “targeted” towards us, either, and we educators use it all the time.


The second list of applications is less targeted at educators, but we live in a networked world, so knowing more about the network and keeping it secure is a must. This second list is one blogger’s opinion of the top 75 FOSS security applications.


The third list isn’t an application list. It also isn’t a grocery list. It is a Linux news list. Collected on a single page are the latest news items about Linux/FOSS/etc.


Please let us know about more of these lists. It is better to have more resources when you are looking for “just the right thing.”

Until next time,